Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a dream place

Yesterday, we went to the Capitol and the White House. I had been looking forward to visiting there the most. The Capitol was so big and beautiful. There were so many paintings and bronze statue and I felt as if I were in a castle. White House was put a fence around the garden .So we could see it from far away but I was so excited. In the evening, Joe showed us many pictures which he took in many countries such as Japan, Italy, China and so on. It was interesting for me. I want to visit many countries some day.


masahiro said...

your monkey face was really interesting lol

but, you are GIRL!! Do you know? lol

Nikki said...

Loveable Sonrisa,
I'm glad you enjoyed going to the Capitol. It was my first time there and I also thought it was beautiful.. I loved all the art work.

Mike said...

Hey Risa. I got the same feeling that I was in a castle.

Joe is definitely a savvy traveler. I wish I could travel as much as him.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Risa! ^^
Visiting the Capitol and the White House is wonderful, isn't it?

I hope you'll have fun with the rest of the program!

Nina Liakos said...

Joe has traveled a lot! And he loves learning new languages and cultures. I am happy when other countries come to me, as when "my kids" from AGU come to visit in August!